College Volleyball Recruiting

The EDGE is committed to assisting our athletes with the college recruitment process. We are developing an effective program for college recruitment.  On this page we:

  • list some things our club does for every athlete
  • describe our recruiting services that players can purchase for additional fees. 

College Recruiting Tools We Provide

Hudl - Video and Statistics
Hudl is one of the top college recruiting platforms in the country. Hudl provides an easy interface for our athletes to create game highlights, and a profile showcasing their physical measurables such as height, wingspan, vertical jump, etc.  While we have a limited number of team licenses, ALL of our national teams, and our regional teams of high school age get access to Hudl at NO ADDITIONAL COST.  We also offer an online training from Hudl on how athletes can use the platform to create and maintain their profile. And how they can create highlight reels and share their footage with college coaches.

Yearly Recruiting Forum
Every season we will host a recruiting forum with our in-house EDGE Recruiting Specialists and often a college coach or two to give a brief presentation on recruiting.  There will also be a Q & A.  Past coaches have included  the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners,  University of Colorado, Regis University, School of Mines, and University of Denver. 

Our Additional Recruiting Services

Most clubs opt to keep the recruiting process and their recruiting personnels' information and processes vague.  In many cases, this is because the more daunting the task seems, the more likely athletes are to pay for help.  We demystify what we do by posting this page and making clear what we provide as part of being in the club, and what is additional for players wishing for guided help in the process.

For additional fees, The EDGE provides enhanced, focused recruiting services personally tailored to your athlete.  Pricing is extremely reasonable for this year-round service.  Even the top-tier annual service will be less than most people will spend at Starbucks that year.  This service is provided October - October every year. 

  • Tier 1  - Cost averages less than $5/month - paid annually
    • Number Stats (vert, wingspan, height, etc.)
    • Monthly email communication
      • Deadline reminders
        • NCAA clearing house
        • When college coaches are allowed to talk to recruits 
      • Reminders to email tournament schedules, etc.
      • How-to emails
        • Creating recruiting profiles
        • Set up the email address name
        • Write emails to recruiters, etc
  • Tier 2
    • Your athlete will be assigned a recruiting specialist. This specialist  will
      • Reach out to colleges on the player's behalf in addition to the player reaching out to the colleges
      • Provide four 1-on-1 meetings:through out the year:
        • Can be scheduled at any time that the player would like to have them.
        • Ask questions, look at college options, go over emails drafts, etc. 
  • Tier 3 
    • A one-time group meeting for Tier 3 subscribers with our recruiting specialists. Meetings will be by position (all pins hitters, another with all setters, etc.) to look at example game film and discuss the type of clips that recruiter want to see and don't want to see. 
    • 1-on-1 video help
      • Four times per year the recruiter will look at the players updated film edit and make suggestions 
        • Film review can be scheduled whenever the player feels the need (i.e. they just had a major qualifier and want to create new clips and change their film up to send to colleges)
        • Players must choose a variety of their own clips that they want to use. The recruiter will not watch hours of their film to find clips for or with them
    • Social Media Audits
      • Recruiting specialist will follow players volleyball specific social media.
      • After tournament they will verify that the player has posted clips from that tournament.
      • They will also give a one time per post review before the player posts a new clip to their socials. 

Players will be split among recruiting specialists, The athletes will have direct contact through email and phone with their specialist. There will be a database with every program participants name and year, stats, etc. This database will be available to specialists and club administration to use if they are contacted by phone, email or in person by a college. 

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