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As the last day of the second week Crossroads is about to get underway, a few of us coaches were talking about what this tournament means to our club and players. Crossroads is a hard, but amazing tournament. And every year, good or bad, it becomes a point in the season where we see what our teams, and our individual players are made of.  

EDGE 17 Red having fun with Magic Volleyball 17 National (from Texas) before their match

This season, Crossroads showed that the EDGE is growing, not only as a competitive club, but also in our culture. More players showed up this weekend to support other teams during their off weekend than ever before. Practice players became a regular sight on their team benches. We made some new friends in other states.  And teams found through hard-fought competition, and adversity, a new level of play they didn’t realize they were capable of.  

players from 15 Red goofing around with Coach Brett before a 16 Red match

But the biggest symptom of our growth in the right direction were all the players who showed up during their off weekend to support their club family when they were on their off weekend.  And the number of practice players who came to support their teams. It really shows that our culture as a club is beginning to mature. Thanks for supporting your EDGE teammates and club mates. You make our club a unique and fantastic place to play.

Schedule updates!

As always, keep up with us on our calendar. With Crossroads upon us, there will be some major schedule changes in the coming weeks:

EDGE 11 Red (Developmental Squad)
Developmental will practice as normal on Thursday from 4 to 5:30pm as normal.
However we will then practice Friday from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

There will be no 11 Red Practice on Saturday

14 Blue and 15 Blue
14 Blue and 15 Blue Friday practice change, both teams will practice 4 to 5:30 on Friday.

Monday/Saturday Skills Sessions
There will be no skills on Saturday or Mondays surrounding either Crossroads weekends. Skills will resume on the normal schedule starting Saturday, March 7.

Walk-in Small group/private sessions
Saturday walk-in sessions, normally 4:30-6pm are canceled this weekend. They will resume on Saturday, February 28.

Little Spikers
At this time, Little Spikers session on February 21 is postponed. There will be a make-up session scheduled so current players will get this session at a later date.

As always, bear with us. February and March are hectic times for club volleyball. You can also check our calendar to keep up to date.

EDGE teams shine at the RMR Showdown


EDGE 13 Red won 2nd place

Last weekend, teams from the EDGE put their hard work on display.  Teams played hard. And several teams found that they were able to elevate their play to new levels of intensity.

Here are the results from the RMR Showdown in Greeley:

  • 13 Red 2nd place overall in Grand Champion bracket
  • 13 Blue 2nd in Reserve Champion bracket, and 7th overall
  • 14 White 29th overall.
  • 14 Blue 2nd in Reserve Champion bracket, and 14th overall
  • 14 Red 4th overall in Grand Champion bracket, playing in 15’s age group
  • 15 Red 2nd in Reserve Champion bracket, and 16th overall
  • 15 Blue 26th overall
  • 16 Red 1st in Reserve Champion bracket, and 11th overall
  • 16 Blue 18th overall
  • 17 Red 13th overall
  • 17 Blue 27th overall

Great job players and coaches!

Little Spikers Spring Session

The next round of our extremely popular Little Spikers Training Sessions are coming up in March! Is your 8-12 year old athlete really loving volleyball at her recreation league? Get her into our program where she can raise her game to the next level!

The EDGE has a great record of success preparing young players for the game. Most of our Little Spikers move on to compete in Gold Crown, club, and high school. Several of our own young players, currently on EDGE teams, started in our Little Spikers program and now compete among the top club teams in the state.

Starting Saturday March 7, and running until Saturday April 25 from 12 to 2 pm, the EDGE will run a weekly, beginner/advanced-beginner, 2-hour training session for players 8 to 12 years of age. Players returning from previous Little Spikers sessions will receive a $25 discount for the spring sessions.

WHAT: Little Spikers Beginner/Advanced-Beginner Training
WHEN: Saturdays 12pm – 2pm, March 7 – April 25
WHERE: The EDGE Volleyball Club: 3400 S Federal Blvd, Unit B, Sheridan, CO 80110

Cost is $200. Players returning from the previous session get a $25 discount.


EDGE Evens Represent in Power 2!

The EDGE had a strong showing club-wide in Power 2 with the even age groups.

16 Blue and 14 White both narrowly missed a shot at playing for 1st place, taking 2nd place in pool play. Not allowing themselves to stumble, both teams walked into their crossover and won – both earning a 3rd Place finish in Power 2.

14 Red and 14 Blue both won 1st in their pool and earned a shot at a first place finish.  While both teams went into the crossover with guns blazing, neither walked away with the result they fought for. Both lost their crossover matches.

However, their effort produced positive outcomes.  Both teams finished in 2nd place.

For 14 Blue, their 2nd Place finish earned them the right to move upward a division.

For 14 Red, their 2nd Place makes them the #2 team in the Rocky Mountain Region. More importantly, their win carries a big-picture significance.

After three finishes (2nd, 3rd, and 7th), the average of their three best finishes gives them an average ranking of 4. As a team with their top three finishes averaging higher than 8, they’ve earned a berth at Junior National Qualifiers – a shot at the Junior Olympics. While the 14 Reds are still eligible to earn a bid at a national qualifier like Crossroads, they are guaranteed a shot at winning one of our region’s two national bids for their age group.

Great weekend players and coaches!

EDGE 13s Teams Shine in Power 1

The EDGE 13 Blue and Red took 2nd and 1st respectively in their respective divisions this past weekend at Power 1.

13 Blue went undefeated in their pool but dropped their crossover match. While that last match may not have gone as they’d hoped, their 2nd place overall finish moves them up a division. Their hard work paid off in a strong Power 1 showing.

13 Red started off dropping a set in a first match victory. But they never looked back. After recovering from losing their second set to take the match in 3 from Colorado Springs Altitude, 13 Red defeated very good teams from Colorado North Stars and CVA with nearly all double-digit point differentials. They advanced to the crossover and defeated a very strong Norco team 25-14, 25-22 on their way to a Division 2 championship and a Division 1 berth.

The 13s continued an emerging EDGE tradition of strong teams in the younger age groups.  It is, in part, a testament to the EDGE’s dedication to beginner programs like Little Spikers and Gold Crown. But it is mostly due to the hard work that these players put into practice and skills development. Great job players and coaches!

13-Red: Division 2 Champs

13-Red: Division 2 Champs