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Making the EDGE Website Calendar Only About Your Team

The default view of the EDGE Calendar can be cluttered, ugly and hard to navigate. However, it does provide a tool that makes it much more clear what matters to you. To filter events on the calendar down to those that pertain to your team, you can follow the instructions below.

NOTE: This view is not perfect. For example: if your daughter is on 16-Jessica, and they are scheduled to go to Pacific Northwest National Qualifier, Power 5 - EVEN, which is on the same weekend, will still appear on your calendar. In that particular instance it's because 16-Jessica is subscribed to the EVENS calendar which contains all even-aged tournaments. 16-Jessica is also subscribed to their travel calendar. Please use the emails, tournament page, and information your athlete's coach shares with your athlete to create the completed picture. Obviously, in this case, the Tournament Page shows that 16-Jessica will travel to Pacific Northwest and will not attend Power 5 - Even

Instructions for Filtering the EDGE Calendar for Your Team Events

  1. - Scroll down to the bottom of the calendar below
  2. - At the bottom of the calendar click the “Show Tag Menu” button on the bottom right.
  3. - When the tag menu opens up click the “Clear All Tags” button
  4. - Then click the checkbox for YOUR TEAM. And only the events pertaining to her team will show on the calendar.

NOTE: If you perform this process, everytime you visit the EDGE website calendar on your computer/device it will now show you this view, filtered down to your team only, or however you last tagged the calendar. To see the full calendar again, you'll need to re-check the items you wish to see. Please check your tags before emailing/calling Corissa/Walter/Kristine about events missing from the calendar.

Loading and Syncing Events

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