Adult Volleyball, Littleton

Two Adult Drop-in Nights
The EDGE is hosting two adult drop-in nights this week ($5 drop-in fee):

  • Friday, 12/27/2019 – 9pm-11pm
  • Saturday, 12/28/2019 – 9pm-11pm

This event is for players 18 and older. Strong 16s and older players can join with a sign-in from a parent.

If you’d like adult drop-in to be a regular thing, let us know in the comments below!

Are you interested in an Adult Indoor Volleyball LEAGUE in Littleton? Let us know!
The EDGE is gauging interest in hosting an adult volleyball league. But we need your input. Please complete this survey to help us decide whether this is something we should dedicate time toward.

Take the quick, one-page survey here >>

Thank you for your input!

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