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Gold Crown is a great way to prepare middle school athletes (grades 6-8, and we’ll take REALLY awesome 5th graders) for the competitive game they’ll see in high school. If your athlete is looking to become a competitive volleyball player, this is one way to strengthen her knowledge of the game. And for future Golden High school athletes, this is a GREAT way to play for Golden High School coaches!


What is Gold Crown Volleyball?

This video from Gold Crown will describe it better than we ever could. Also, there’s a lot of our Coach Walter and our 8th Grade Gold Division CHAMPS from 2017. We coached Arapahoe’s program to the title last season. But this year, we are coaching the Golden High School Demons!


What if my athlete will not attend Golden High School?

No problem! If your athlete attends a school that does not have a Gold Crown feeder program, or you do not like the feeder program for her school of articulation, we can find her a place to play on one of our teams. Gold Crown requires that a roster is made up of 60% athletes from the feeder school. Which means 40% of the roster can be made up of free agents. We firmly believe in the founding principles of the Gold Crown program – which is to give every young player a jump start to learning this sport. We work hard to find every athlete a place to play. Just sign up for any of the tryouts below, and we will find a roster on one of our teams for your athlete.


When it comes to Gold Crown Volleyball, we have FUN, and we tend to win a lot …

Golden High School Gold Crown
Tryouts Who/When/Where

  • For athletes entering 6th/7th/8th grades – and REALLY AWESOME 5th graders
  • Monday, August 13th
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Golden High School Gym 701 24th St, Golden, CO 80401


If your athlete attends one of the following schools, she is in the Golden High School articulation. If your athlete does not, she may still find a spot on one of our teams! Up to 40% of our rosters may come from outside of our articulation area.
Elementary Schools that feed Golden High School:

  • Kyffin
  • Mitchell
  • Pleasant View
  • Ralston
  • Shelton
  • Welchester

Middle Schools that feed Golden High School:

  • Bell

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