Open Gyms Start this Week 4

The EDGE Open Gyms start this week! They will be broken down by age groups – 11-14s and 15s-18s.

Just bring a water bottle, your kneepads and court shoes, and come play volleyball! While we welcome unsigned players, and players from all clubs, we do not attempt to recruit players under contract. The EDGE uses all open gyms and our camps to identify players in whom we may have an interest in signing.

We look forward to seeing you. For details check out the Open Gym section of this page:

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4 thoughts on “Open Gyms Start this Week

    • Walter Post author

      If she is just starting out, as a 7th grader, YMCA, Middle School Sports Program, and other Rec options will likely not prepare her to really play. In order for her to get the best idea of volleyball, we strongly recommend our Little Spikers Competition league. We have a 6th/7th grade division and we can put her on a team if you contact our club director. Each team has only had one practice so far (as of 6/15/2015). Simply call the number on the top of our page and speak with Jim Gibson. Also, this fall, we have our Gold Crown program starting up. Gold Crown is an excellent program for Jr High School aged players to learn the competitive style of transitional volleyball. If you can do both, I recommend doing Little Spikers league for the summer and then Gold Crown in the fall. Hope this helps.